Monday, February 1, 2010

mY buFdaY mY LoVeLy 20th..

sweet 20th..haha

19th years old

when i was only 2 years old

my dull birthday celebration..i juz can't get out of mind i'm really 20th right now..arghh..
i felt so weird n nothing 2 do with my aged.but its only a feeling that i wish next year not been like this year.
Actually 4 da moment i still remembered that when i was young,my parent give me a watch..its so nice and meaningful.but after i grown,it does means that the present make us juz i kind of LOVE and APPRECIATING for our love one..

tahun 2010 yg mencabar...

agk lme xmnulis blog..
sori la kwn2 lame mnyepi..
yela..ujung tahun cuti ecah sibuk keje..
cari duit poket nak bayar
alhamdullilah dok umh pon berisi ckit poket.tapi terkejut kne mula dftar 4hb januari..can't believed!hmm...di kesempatan ini ecah ade picture2 masa keje time cuti ujg tahun 2009.